Frequently Asked Questions

It is likely that over time your recycling cart will begin to have an unpleasant odor. Simply wash the cart with a water hose when this begins to happen. It is OK to use a small amount of soap, provided the soap is rinsed from the cart. It is recommended this be done after the cart has been emptied so that it will be dry when you start to use it again.

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Any DRY newspaper, magazines, catalogs (including slick or glossy inserts), junk mail, envelopes, household paper, cereal boxes (without the plastic bag), chipboard, cardboard. Remember: tissues, wet paper, or paper with food contamination can not be recycled. Envelopes with clear windows can still be recycled. **TIP- break down cardboard and cereal boxes to allow more room in your recycling cart**

All colors of glass can be recycled. Please rinse out any food/drinks from the glass jars and place into the recycling cart. Labels are OK to leave on. Please remember that you can not recycle mirrors, window glass, or plate glass.

Yes, please make sure to rinse out any food or drink before placing it in the Recycling Cart. Labels are OK to leave on. Please remember you can not recycle aluminum foil.

You can recycle all plastics that contain the Triangle Recycle Icon with the numbers 1-7. Although, Styrofoam is typically labeled as #6, it CAN NOT be recycled in the Recycling Carts. Please rinse out any food/drink from the containers. It is not necessary to remove the plastic lids.

Please DO NOT place the following items in the Recycling Cart: Plastic Bags, plastic wrap, plastic film, Styrofoam, wax-coated paper cartons, medical waste, foil, pizza boxes, electronics, batteries, mirrors, window/plate glass, paint cans, motor oil or cooking oil, fluorescent light bulbs, dirty air conditioner filters, and Garbage. We have suggestions of where you can recycle some of these items below.

**Plastic Bags- Most grocery stores will take these back
**Electronics- Goodwill Industries will take these
**Batteries- household batteries may be thrown away in your regular trash collection. Most Automotive Centers will take back car batteries. Rechargeable batteries (along with ink jets and cell phones) can be taken to the Recycling Kiosks located inside City Hall's Utility Billing Department.
**Paint Cans- Call Howard Redfearn at 817-276-4240 or take to the Environmental Collection Center in Fort Worth (free to residents)
**Motor Oil- Most automotive stores will take this back or take to the Environmental Collection Center in Fort Worth (free to residents)
**Cooking Oil- Call Howard Redfearn at 817-276-4240 for a free disposal drop-off
**Styrofoam- Call Howard Redfearn at 817-276-4240 for a recycling option

If you are wondering why aluminum foil and pizza boxes can not be recycled, it is because both items are usually contaminated with food or grease and can not be cleaned well enough to recycle.

Regardless of where you live, you should place the carts where you are currently placing your bins.

You can continue to use the bin inside your home for collecting recyclables and taking them to the cart. There are no plans to remove the bins. However, you should only place carts at the curb for collection.

It is recommended to try to store your recycling cart in the garage for convenience. If this is not possible, you may store it anywhere on your property, preferably where it is not visible from the street.

No, you may place all items that can be recycled in the recycling cart without separating them. The only exception is shredded paper. Please place shredded paper in a bag, so the little pieces don't blow everywhere.